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Dr. Silber
Dr. Sherman J. Silber, M.D.

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“IVF is usually the best modern option for couples who have been infertile for over a year. But the cost might seem intimidating. We are very sensitive about that and try to strongly control your costs.“

Prescreening Costs

Since infertility treatment is expensive, we try to soften its impact by achieving the highest possible pregnancy rates, and thus reduce the number of treatment attempts and the overall expense. We also make sure not to charge extra for unnecessary testing or ineffective preliminary treatment approaches. We only recommend what we feel is necessary to help you achieve a pregnancy as soon as possible. Furthermore, we have no hidden extra charges added on which in some clinics might result in much higher costs. Our fees are “global” and there is no hidden itemization of extra surprise costs.

Prescription Cost

Often, insurance pays for drugs even when it does not pay for IVF itself. The medications for IVF can be very expensive, but we refer you to only the best discount pharmacies. Most importantly if you qualify for our “mini-ivf” protocol, your cost will be $3000 less than conventional IVF.

Mini-IVF Offered as Low Cost Solution

Better results are the ultimate method for cost savings but also our charges remain very low to reasonable because we don’t try to empty your wallet with unnecessary testing and low yield procedures prior to your IVF.

Mini-IVF is tricky to perform well and many centers are not up to it. It is easier for the patient and more difficult for the doctor. There is no margin for error. There are several reasons for the success we have with these much lower cost mini-IVF techniques.

The success of this approach depends not only on a novel endocrine stimulation protocol, but also upon a flawless method of embryo freezing such as our vitrification system, and the highest level laboratory air purification system to give the eggs especially from older women the best possible environment in which to develop.

It takes a great deal of patience on the part of the patient to retrieve just a few eggs at a time every month until enough embryos are banked to warrant thawing and transfer. In addition, the endocrinology of mini-IVF is very innovative and requires close attention to each individual patient to avoid premature ovulation.

Is Mini-IVF Always Used ?

No, it is most useful for older women and women with low ovarian reserve. There are still many patients who are happy with conventional stimulation. However many of these women also prefer mini-IVF because of the lower cost and the lack of any risk of hyperstimulating syndrome.


For most patients, insurance doesn’t cover fertility treatment. However if your insurance does cover some of the cost, then we will make it easy for you deal with.

The Cost of Frozen Embryos & Eggs

You are likely to have extra frozen embryos in case your first cycle fails. Frozen embryo transfers have the same high success as fresh but at almost one quarter of the cost of a fresh IVF cycle. Furthermore if “mini-IVF” is appropriate for you, that’s much less expensive than standard IVF.

Extra embryos are always frozen and saved for a later, much less expensive future pregnancy. Our very special Japanese freezing technique essentially assures no damage to viable embryos. Therefore, the success rate for frozen embryo transfers in our program is just as high or even higher, as for “fresh” IVF.


IUI is a pointless low yield procedure for most patients with long standing infertility. It is much cheaper, but the pregnancy rate is one tenth that achieved with IVF. Many patients waste a lot of money on many IUI cycles before they finally realize they need IVF.

There Are No Extra Charges For ICSI, Egg Freezing, Embryo Freezing, Assisted Hatching Or Any Other Ancillary Procedures.

We do ICSI for all cycles to assure fertilization. We invented ICSI so even in the absence of sperm in the ejaculate we can find some sperm for ICSI, and we do no damage by doing ICSI for all our IVF cycles. We have only one reasonable global fee. There is no extra charge for ICSI, for assisted hatching, for embryo freezing, for egg freezing, for sperm freezing, or any aspect of your IVF cycle that many programs use to increases your cost and their profit.