How to reduce the cost of IVF

  Video Transcript: So how do they reduce the costs of IVF.? Well you know I’m a strong advocate of that. I think there’s mini IVF is the best way to do it. Most women go on forty five hundred to seven thousand dollars worth of drugs because that’s what the pharmaceutical reps tell the … Continued

Do You Offer INVOCell?

  Video Transcription: [INVOCell] OK. That’s where you take the eggs and you take the sperm you put them in a test tube, seal it up, and the woman puts it in her vagina as an incubator. Now, this is ridiculous. But I wrote about this in my second edition of How to Get Pregnant … Continued

Mini IVF and Surrogacy

Video Transcript: Oh, of course… The question is ‘can you do mini-IVF with surrogates?’ This would come up say if your uterus is just beyond repair or you don’t have a uterus even. Or if you have such bad fibroids and they’ve already been operated on and the uterus is just beyond repair. So, we do that many … Continued