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“Infertile couples from all over the world come to St. Louis, Missouri, to chase their dream, because Dr. Sherman Silber and his team are simply the best there is.” – Discovery Health Channel Documentary

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) The husband’s sperm fertilize the wife’s eggs outside the body (in a test tube or culture dish), and the resulting embryos are then returned to her.

ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) A single sperm is injected directly into the egg. The development of ICSI has solved most if not all cases of male infertility.

Mini-IVF A very unique approach to simplify IVF for patients, reducing the cost associated with more conventional IVF protocols while maintaining comparable success rates.

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) A single cell from an 8-cell embryo is genetically analyzed in order to determine more accurately if it is normal.

Preserving Your Fertility

Preserving Your Fertility An overview of the exciting new technologies to find out where you are on your biological clock and how to beat it, preserving your fertility indefinitely.

Ovarian Tissue Freezing A thin cortex of the ovary can be easily extracted and frozen, then re-grafted at a later date, restoring fertility. This is an outpatient procedure.

Antral Follicle Counting A brief, painless ultrasound procedure to determine precisely where you are on your biological clock, and how long you can expect your fertility to last naturally.


St. Louis doctor helping women preserve chance at motherhood at no fees altruistically until the day when insurance will pay


Fox 2 News in St. Louis. The antral follicle counting procedure (egg counting): what it is like and how it works.


Dr. Silber explains Antral Follicle Count on New York network TV.


Listen to Dr. Sherman Silber and Joan Hamburg discuss the remarkable infertility treatment meeting that recently took place in Hong Kong. WOR New York, February 28, 2013. (9:26)


Listen to Dr. Silber discuss the biological clock, preserving your fertility and egg freezing on the KMOX Health and Fitness Show with Monica Adams. March 2, 2008. (20:58 min)


MVR (Microscopic Vasectomy Reversal) Under high-powered magnification, the vas deferens is surgically repaired. But restoring fertility to men who have previously undergone vasectomy also requires much more delicate microsurgery to bypass secondary epididymal blockage found in 80% of vasectomized men.

Tubal Ligation Reversal For women who have previously undergone tubal ligation, we can also restore their fertility with a small incision and only one day in the hospital.

Sperm Aspiration for ICSI Sperm retrieval directly from the testicle or epididymis essentially eliminates male infertility.

Success rates for microsurgical procedures depend very much on the skill and expertise of the surgeon who performs them.


Video: Dr. Silber explains vasectomy reversal — what works, what doesn't work, and why.

Dr. Silber explains vasectomy reversal — what works, what doesn’t work, and why.

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Sperm Aspiration

Sperm aspiration technical video


Sperm Aspiration is the technique for retrieving sperm directly from the testicles of men who have no sperm in the ejaculate. Learn more in our Sperm Aspiration technical video


Egg, Ovarian Tissue, Embryo, and Sperm Freezing and Storage

Beating the Clock? Frozen Ovaries Make Headlines - Freezing tissue preserves fertility of youth


With advanced cryogenic technology, egg, ovarian tissue, embryos, and sperm can be stored indefinitely to better ensure one’s future fertility.Beating the Clock? Frozen Ovaries Make Headlines – Freezing tissue preserves fertility of youth



Ovary Transplantation

First with identical twins, now with non-identical sisters. Using the same technique to freeze the ovary before cancer treatment, we can hold your biological clock so you can have children at a later time. Click the links below to learn more about ovary transplantation.

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