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Dr. Sherman Silber has been performing vasectomy reversals since inventing the procedure in 1975.

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Vasectomy Reversal

Vasectomy reversal is a procedure (first invented and reported by Dr. Sherman Silber in 1975) which allows men who have previously undergone vasectomy to become fertile again. In 85% of vasectomy patients, blowouts are found in the epididymis, so failure to correct or bypass these blowouts leads to poor success rates. But with proper attention to these details 98% of men have a return of fertility.

Previous Operations Failed?

Many of Dr. Silber’s patients experience failed vasectomy reversal attempts before choosing The Infertility Center of St. Louis. Learn why Dr. Silber’s techniques offer a higher rate of success.

Dr. Silber – Renowned Infertility Surgeon

Dr. Silber’s track record proves his ability to provide the highest success rates for parenthood. Put your trust in the proven expert.

Vasectomy Reversal FAQs

What does Dr. Silber do that other doctors don’t? What are his success rates? Read about his breakthrough microscopic vasectomy reversal procedure.

Vasectomy Reversal in an Office-Based Clinic?

It is important to realize that the testicles and the scrotum are a very private and sensitive area for most men. You don’t want to have a compromised procedure on that area of the body performed in the “procedure room” of an office-based clinic, rather than in a proper operating room of a high quality hospital.

It is sad to see patients spend up to $10,000 on a failed attempt at vasectomy reversal elsewhere in a too simple outpatient procedure room, where they had little chance for success, and yet suffered enormous pain and swelling, completely unnecessarily. Of course, we can fix the mess created by a previous botched reversal attempt, but it is a shame not to have had it done correctly in the first place in a proper hospital operating room.

Vasectomy Reversals

Watch Dr. Silber explain vasectomy reversals.

Dr. Silber on Discovery Health

“Infertile couples from all over the world come to St. Loius, Missouri, to chase their dream because Dr. Silber and team are simply the best.”

Pioneer in Infertility


Dr. Silber contributes extensively to medical and scientific journals on this subject and all his work has been peer-reviewed by experts and scientific societies.

Selecting the Right Doctor

Don’t Compromise your chances of regaining fertility. A cheap procedure can involve many painful risks and little success.

Patients’ Testimony

Watch Dr. Silber’s Patients Give Testimonial About Vasectomy Reversal