Pt. 2 – Watch Dr. Silber Perform IVF LIVE on The Today Show

IVF is an option for thousand of families struggling with infertility. See Dr. Silber of Infertility Center of St. Louis perform the IVF live on the Today Show.


Part 1 – Dr. Silber Performs IVF Live.

Part 2 – Pregnancy Results Are Revealed.

Part 3 – Couple Sees Baby’s Heartbeat.

Part 4 – The Sex of the Baby is Revealed.

Part 5 – A Look Back at IVF Success.

Watch the Full Video of Dr. Silber Performing IVF Live on the Today Show.

Dr. Silber on the Today Show with Happy IVF Couple.


Dr. Silber Honors His Early Teacher on NVC News Today Show.

A Trucker Teaches Himself Surgery for His Family.


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