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Dr. Silber Explains That ICSI Offspring Are Normal, And Are No Different From Naturally Conceived Children

There are some false myths that ICSI offspring have a greater risk of abnormality. But 20 years of follow up show that this is completely untrue. I am so sorry a journal would make such an egregious error.

We have studied this issue very extensively, prospectively, and published on it in scientific journals over the last 20 years. You can study all these scientific papers published by Bonduelle, Van Steirteghem, Devroey, Liebaers, and myself, and in my book “How to Get Pregnant” (easily downloadable for Kindle or from Amazon) for detailed discussion of all the studies. Scare papers have been shown to be totally flawed, uncontrolled, and retrospective. Careful prospective studies over the last 20 years, have consistently shown no difference at all between ICSI and IVF in the risk of congenital abnormalities, and no difference from a population of natural conceptions.

Furthermore, the ridiculous idea promoted in this flawed study alleging that twin pregnancies would have less congenital defects than singletons just serves to prove how invalid the whole retrospective methodology is of this “new” study.

Over 5 million babies have been born by IVF and ICSI, and they have been clearly shown to be no different than normal populations of naturally conceived babies. We have followed these ICSI and IVF babies into adulthood, and found no difference in any parameters of health or mental development.

Our IVF and our ICSI children have all been followed into adulthood for over 20 years, and we find nothing but happiness and joy.

–Dr. Sherman Silber


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