Mini IVF and Surrogacy

Video Transcript:

Oh, of course… The question is ‘can you do mini-IVF with surrogates?’ This would come up say if your uterus is just beyond repair or you don’t have a uterus even. Or if you have such bad fibroids and they’ve already been operated on and the uterus is just beyond repair. So, we do that many times – it’s easy to do Mini-IVF. Because you get the best quality eggs that way. And then transfer those embryos to a gestational surrogate and that’s perfectly fine to do. We do that a lot.

You should understand: that in every state in the United States, with the exception of New York, which is crazyBut in every state gestational surrogacy is recognized. And the intended parent legally is the parent. And you shouldn’t worry that there’s a problem that the surrogate would have any claim to the baby.

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