Facebook Live – Do you offer financial programs for infertility treatments?

Dr. Silber answers a viewer question from Facebook Live. The viewer asked about financial programs to assist patients who may not be able afford infertility treatment.


Video Transcription:

well yeah certainly like for cancer patients or people that our insurance doesn’t cover preserving their fertility for all these years we’ve done that for free because we don’t want money to get in the way of decisions they have to make right away. For IVF, our approach to keep it as inexpensive as possible; to use the least amount of drugs and just to keep the cost down as much as we possibly can and have the highest success rate. Now if you need financial assistance for it, there are methods that we’ll use but also there are… We’re not in the insurance business, but we can refer you to… there are plenty of companies that will do insurance programs and do loans for IVF and you can do that but we’re not in the financing business. Any IVF program that is in the finance business is just using it as an extra profit source and we’re not interested in making an extra profit source off of you.