FDA on Dietary Supplements for Infertility – Dr. Sherman Silber


Video Transcript:

In the news yesterday, people might have noticed that the FDA is finally beginning to complain about dietary supplement companies. Now I will tell you that since the law was passed in 1995 protecting them from FDA supervision, it has become a $240 billion/year fraudulent industry. The FDA has no supervisory control and they (the companies) make all kinds of claims of protecting you from cancer and making you fertile. And sometimes they put ingredients in that have a negative effect! That it would be OK if it was just nothing, and they were ripping you off worth $240 billion a year. But sometimes they put in active things that have a negative impact because they want you maybe to feel better. Like putting in testosterone or ephedrine or something like that or all kinds of additives that really you shouldn’t be taking

And maybe I hope there’ll be more awareness because every patient comes in and they bring up bottles they put on the table it must cost them maybe 40 dollars a month for all this junk they’re taking because they think it may improve their fertility. So be aware of taht.

When you come to see me, you can be sure the first thing I want to tell you to do is to stop those stupid dietary supplements and just eat food.

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