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Infertile patients cannot afford to wait for treatment while their eggs get older.

Dr. Sherman Silber, Infertility Center of St. Louis, is offering video consultations for patients who need to plan now for their treatment while stay-at-home orders are in place. He is talking to and evaluating patients in their home to comply with social distancing measures.

Dr. Silber is discovering that patients actually prefer this method of telemedicine consultation over the conventional office visit. Patients have conveyed that “it is so much more convenient and less stressful” to have a telemedicine personal consultation than to take a day off from work to travel to the doctor’s office and sit with other nervous patients in the waiting room.

The COVID-19 pandemic is thus changing much of the way we will do things in the future, and for the better. “Our patients are surprisingly much happier with this approach. Of course, at some point we need to perform hands on treatment. But with this new manner of seeing patients, we can come to the right diagnosis and treatment plan for most patients more efficiently, quickly, and painlessly, with no loss of personal one-on-one communication.” This is a very welcome new era of telemedicine that has been forced on us by the current difficult times.

Low Cost Vasectomy Reversal and the Risks

Why $3,000 Vasectomy Reversals Are Risky:

Vasectomy reversal is a complex procedure in your scrotum, not at all like a simple vasectomy. If done by amateurs who were never trained in it properly, who do not have expertise in microsurgery, who do it in an office setting, it is just a fraudulent way to charge what appears to be “cheap” but is really many thousands of dollars, for getting nothing really. Such a procedure performed by an amateur, non-certified, and non-audited, general doctor looking for new sources of non-insurance revenue, with no scientific publications of techniques or results, is just a rip off, that is an affront to proper medical practice.

Many untrained and amateur physicians today are suddenly advertising this sort of vasectomy reversal because their income from insurance companies and Medicare is diminishing, and they want some sort of new profit center that is not overseen by insurance companies. So they have no oversight or accountability and do not even know their results, which are close to zero. It is a travesty that i never thought I would see occur in the practice of medicine, but it has.

1. A Piece of Your Vas Deferens Has Been Removed

The original vasectomy has usually taken out a piece of your vas deferens, not just cut it. If we do not free it up properly to bridge the gap without tension, then after these fraudulent office reversals, your testicles will hang higher than normal and be tight for the rest of your life. We would never allow that to happen, but that is a typical result by a small office based procedure under local anesthesia.

2. Secondary Blowouts Occur in 85% of Patients

The vas nowadays is sealed so tight after a vasectomy that secondary blowouts occur 85 per cent of the time in the delicate epididymis, the tiny tube that carries sperm out of the testicle into the vas deferens. If you just reconnect the vas, even if you do it perfectly (which ironically these amateurs do not), but even if you reconnect the vas perfectly, the operation cannot possibly succeed if you have not bypassed these blowouts, which no one in their office under local anesthesia even claims they can do.

3. Doctors Are Profiting Off of Non-Insured Procedures

Second rate doctors are feeling a tough profit crunch from reduced payments from medicare and insurance companies for the procedures and care they were trained to do that are covered by insurance. Therefore, they are trying to make a big killing by doing non-insured procedures they were never trained properly to do, and they do not know what they are doing.

4. Patients Can Be Gullible

Patients can be gullible, and would never expect such behavior from a doctor, and so they are easy prey to these quacks who do not really represent the majority of our profession, which is honest and brilliant and caring. Patients are easy prey for these terrible outliers who call themselves doctors.

Final Conclusions

All you can do to protect yourselves is to study the issue carefully and realize, these are your testicles, and you really do not want an amateur to hurt them all the while charging you several thousand dollars, which may seem cheap, but is pure profit to such office based charlatans, who like most snake oil salesmen of a previous era, can often fool you and walk away with your money while you remain as sterile as ever.

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