Frozen Ovary and IVF for a Cancer Survivor


Video Transcript:

I’d like to start out by just telling you about an exciting case today. It was a patient who had cancer. And had treatment which made her completely sterile at age 25. But she’s cured of the cancer. She’s 33 years old now. I can’t identify any more than that. That wouldn’t be appropriate. But her ovary tissue was frozen before she had that sterilizing cancer treatment. She’s cured. Fantastic human being; happily married. And you know, we have a lot of ovary transplant cases from women that had a similar story, but these are women who had a high number of eggs when their tissue was frozen and none of the eggs were really damaged. But here was a case where she had very few eggs. So I didn’t think IVF would be very effective because I didn’t know if we get any eggs or even no more than one egg.  Better for her to ovulate every month and just get pregnant naturally. But she insisted that we do IVF so we did. We got only one egg and it fertilized. And we just put back a beautiful spectacular embryo – from a 25 year old egg in a 33 year old woman. So I think the chances of success pregnancy in a baby from this are extremely high. And this we thought would be one of our very rare ovary transplant failures and it looks like it’s going to be a success. 

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