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Disc_Health_blurb_sm“Dr. Silber is world leader & pioneer of the most widely used in vitro fertilization techniques. His patients fly in long from distances all over the world for treatment at his fertility center and, he is happy to take care of the most difficult cases with warm personal attention and great technical skill.“

Preparing for IVF

Unfortunately IVF has become so popular as a treatment for infertile couples, that sometimes without adequate supervision or serious regulation, some small “IVF” centers are opening up in little doctors’ office buildings, and non-experts or newly self-proclaimed “fertility doctors” are delivering the IVF care.

It is best to look for IVF in the setting of a major quality medical center that is more concerned about the practice of good medicine than about your checkbook, and which has invested heavily in the highest standards “clean room” air purification systems, and the most up to date and modern equipment. More importantly you need a very professional team that is accomplished and really knows what they are doing. So you are going to need to do your research.

When patients contemplate IVF, their first reaction is often the fear of daily injections of hormones for months, the incredibly high cost of the drugs, the risk of multiple pregnancy and consequent prematurity, side effects related to high levels of estrogen resulting from large numbers of eggs, hyperstimulation syndrome, and the prospect of painful daily progesterone injections for a full ten weeks even after the IVF procedure. We try to soften those fears by making your procedure very user friendly and we have the technological know-how to avoid those complications and unpleasantries. You can call us every day, or 10 times a day, 24/7, with any questions or concerns.

Since infertility treatment is expensive, we try to soften its impact by achieving the highest possible pregnancy rates, and thus reduce the number of treatment attempts and the overall expense. We also make sure not to charge extra for unnecessary testing or ineffective preliminary treatment approaches. We only recommend what we feel is necessary to help you achieve a pregnancy as soon as possible. Furthermore, we have no hidden extra charges added on, which in many clinics result in much higher costs than you would have anticipated. For example, we do ICSI and assisted hatching for every cycle, with no “extra charge”, and we also have no extra charge for freezing your extra embryos. Finally many patients qualify for our “mini-IVF” protocol which makes the cycle dramatically easier and cheaper.

What If It Does Not Work?

Usually, we will have extra healthy frozen embryos to use at a later date. We will advise you on the next steps and eventually you will have a baby.

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