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This page refers to Dr. Silber’s 1998 book, “How to Get Pregnant with the New Technology”. In 2005, Dr. Silber published a completely revised and updated version of this classic book under the title, How to Get Pregnant, which lays out in clear, simple terms the basic information that will help couples understand their situation and achieve their goal – a happy, healthy baby.

Index | Table of Contents | Preface | Foreword to the Updated and Revised Edition

Discover how science can help you have the baby you always wanted with the
updated and revised “How to Get Pregnant with the New Technology”:

  • tech3aHow the new reproductive technology can help cure today’s infertility epidemic
  • How to recognize misleading and incorrect diagnoses of the cause of your infertility
  • How in vitro fertilization, GIFT, surrogate pregnancy, egg donation, micromanipulation, and many other techniques can solve once-impossible fertility problems
  • How to figure out on your own what’s wrong, using basal body temperature and simple at-home urine hormone tests
  • How even males with extremely low sperm counts can still father babies
  • How to interpret the tests your doctor orders and avoid unnecessary expensive and laborious testing that doesn’t aid in your treatment
  • How to get reimbursements for treatment, and where to go for them
  • How a vasectomy can be reversed through microsurgery

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