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Dr.Sherman Silber has been a world leader in in vitro fertilization for over 38 years.

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In Vitro Fertilization

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is the most common form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). It is the most effective treatment for damaged fallopian tubes, poor sperm, and other types of infertility. Our procedure achieves remarkable pregnancies even in women with hopelessly damaged fallopian tubes, seemingly sterile husbands, and “unexplained” infertility. The eggs are fertilized in our laboratory, and the resulting embryos then are placed into the uterus 2 to 5 days later. Problems with the husband’s sperm are never a serious issue since we routinely use ICSI to guarantee against any risk of failed fertilization. Our IVF pregnancy rate is over 50% per attempt, regardless of diagnosis, and we accept all of the most difficult cases.


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Why Dr. Silber

Dr. Silber is ranked among the top infertility specialists in the world.

The Moment of Conception

Watch as Dr. Silber successfully performs an embryo transfer.

Dr. Silber

Over the last 35 years, Sherman J. Silber, M.D., has pioneered most of the “miracle” infertility treatments now accepted around the world for male and female infertility. These breakthroughs include microscopic vasectomy reversaltubal ligation reversal, ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection), male infertility and improving success rates with IVF (in vitro fertilization) while reducing IVF costs and eliminating complications. Other areas include: egg freezing to preserve fertility, ovary transplantation and preserving fertility in cancer patients.

Dr. Silber Performs IVF Live

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Dr. Silber in Glamour Magazine

“Could having a baby whenever you want really be simple? Dr. Silber discusses ovary freezing in Glamour Magazine.”

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Early Innovator of ICSI

With only just a few sperm, Dr. Silber can use ICSI to help you start a family.


Mini-IVF is a revolutionary procedure that costs less and is virtually painless.

Women Over 40

Women over 40 can still have children using their own eggs.


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