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Infertile patients cannot afford to wait for treatment while their eggs get older.

Dr. Sherman Silber, Infertility Center of St. Louis, is offering free video consultations for patients who need to plan now for their treatment while stay-at-home orders are in place. He is talking to and evaluating patients in their home to comply with social distancing measures.

Dr. Silber is discovering that patients actually prefer this method of telemedicine consultation over the conventional office visit. Patients have conveyed that “it is so much more convenient and less stressful” to have a free telemedicine personal consultation than to take a day off from work to travel to the doctor’s office and sit with other nervous patients in the waiting room.

The COVID-19 pandemic is thus changing much of the way we will do things in the future, and for the better. “Our patients are surprisingly much happier with this approach. Of course, at some point we need to perform hands on treatment. But with this new manner of seeing patients, we can come to the right diagnosis and treatment plan for most patients more efficiently, quickly, and painlessly, with no loss of personal one-on-one communication.” This is a very welcome new era of telemedicine that has been forced on us by the current difficult times.

Infertility News

Want to Freeze Your Biological Clock? One Doc Says, Go for It

by Bonnie Rochman Time, November 3, 2010 After 10 years of marriage ended in divorce and no children, Dr. Julie Lorber knew she had to take extreme measures if she ever hoped to become a mother. So at age 35, Lorber, now 39, elected to remove a portion of her right ovary to have it […]

No Overall Increase in Cancer Risk Following IVF Treatment, Study Finds

by Rosemary Paxman, December 6, 2010 A new study has shown that IVF may not be linked to an increased risk of certain cancers among female patients. A team of Swedish researchers concluded that, although cancer or cancer treatment may increase the need for IVF, the risks of cancer post-IVF treatment were low. The […]

Stop Menopause with Ovary Transplants

by Simon Tomlinson Mail Online Health, March 25, 2012 ‘Women will have so much choice about when to have children’ Scientists can stop menopause with ovary transplants Transplanted ovaries effective for at least seven years British women could soon choose to freeze ovaries Women may soon be able to forgo the menopause after scientists hailed […]

Dr. Sherman Silber Visits China to Share Infertility Techniques

Advisory Board’s Dr. Sherman Silber Shares Infertility Techniques in China Global Thinking – News and Views From the College of Arts & Sciences at Webster UniversityApril 4, 2012 Sherman Silber, M.D., a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Advisory Board and a renowned pioneer in microsurgery and infertility, recently traveled to Guagzhou, China, […]

Freezing Ovaries at 20 Would Ensure Fertility at 40, Doctor Says

by Deborah Huso AOL Health, October 29, 2010 When Amy Tucker of Columbia, Ill., gave birth [news video] to a healthy baby boy last May, she made headlines. The 32-year-old cancer survivor was no ordinary new mom. Thirteen years ago, when Tucker was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, she knew the cancer treatment would leave her […]

Does Drinking Cola Lead to Male Infertility? Researchers Tie Cola Drinking to Infertility – AOL Health

By Catherine Donaldson-EvansAOL Health, March 25, 2010 Men who consume a quart of cola — fewer than three 12-ounce cans or two 20-ounce bottles — or more a day have sperm counts that are about 30 percent lower than those of men who don’t, according to a Danish report published March 25 in the American […]

How to Avoid Any More Octomom Scandals

How to Prevent Another Octomom By Aisha Sultan St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 28, 2009 Up until now, I’ve been pretty glad our government doesn’t dictate who can have a baby or how many babies we’re allowed to have. Then along came Octomom. That’s the media’s moniker for Nadya Suleman, the California single mother who recently […]

Read the STL Post-Dispatch Article About the Changes in Fertility

Less of a baby boom: After the octuplet baby case By Blythe Bernhard ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, March 11, 2009 Fertility doctors say a proposed law aimed at preventing multiple births wouldn’t change their practices and doesn’t go far enough to help couples struggling to have a baby. In response to the highly publicized case of […]

The Infertility Angel

A top doctor in the field of male infertility speaks about professional success and medical ethics., October 21, 2001 by staff Dr. Sherman Silber is a legend in the field of infertility. As a leading international authority on in vitro fertilization and tubal ligation reversal, clients travel from distant lands to his St. […]

Unexpected resilience of species with temperature-dependent sex determination at the Cretaceous–Palaeogene boundary – Biology Letters

S. Silber1,*, Jonathan H. Geisler2 and Minjin Bolortsetseg3 1 Infertility Center of Saint Louis, St Luke’s Hospital, Saint Louis, MO 63017, USA 2New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, NY 11568, USA 3Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs, Ulaanbaatar 14201, Mongolia *Author for correspondence ( Biology Letters, October 27, 2010 Download PDF version […]

Ovary transplant recipient gives birth

St. Luke’s surgery involving twins was the first of its kind By CHERYL WITTENAUER, AP ST. LOUIS (June 8, 2005) – Last year, a fertility specialist at St. Luke’s Hospital performed an ovarian transplant from one identical twin to her infertile sister. It was the first attempt in the United States to transplant an ovary […]

Groundbreaking Procedure: Transplanting Ovarian Tissue From Twin Sisters

“Local doctor pioneers ovary transplants” ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, February 12, 2007 by Tina Hesman Saey When Dr. Sherman Silber made history in 2004 by transplanting ovarian tissue from a twin into her identical sister, he said it was a unique case that he wouldn’t repeat. He changed his mind. Six sets of twins are glad […]

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