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Infertile patients cannot afford to wait for treatment while their eggs get older.

Dr. Sherman Silber, Infertility Center of St. Louis, is offering free video consultations for patients who need to plan now for their treatment while stay-at-home orders are in place. He is talking to and evaluating patients in their home to comply with social distancing measures.

Dr. Silber is discovering that patients actually prefer this method of telemedicine consultation over the conventional office visit. Patients have conveyed that “it is so much more convenient and less stressful” to have a free telemedicine personal consultation than to take a day off from work to travel to the doctor’s office and sit with other nervous patients in the waiting room.

The COVID-19 pandemic is thus changing much of the way we will do things in the future, and for the better. “Our patients are surprisingly much happier with this approach. Of course, at some point we need to perform hands on treatment. But with this new manner of seeing patients, we can come to the right diagnosis and treatment plan for most patients more efficiently, quickly, and painlessly, with no loss of personal one-on-one communication.” This is a very welcome new era of telemedicine that has been forced on us by the current difficult times.

Infertility News

Surgeons Transplant a Testicle From One Brother to His Twin

Extract from December 6th, 2019 The New York Times Article about Dr. Silber’s Pioneering Microsurgery A 36-year-old man born without testicles received one transplanted from his identical twin brother in a six-hour operation performed on Tuesday in Belgrade, Serbia, by an international team of surgeons. The operation was only the third known transplant of this […]

Live Birth Derived From Oocyte Spindle Transfer To Prevent Mitochondrial Disease

By: John Zhang, Hui Liu, Shiyu Luo, Zhuo Lu, Alejandro Chávez-Badiola, Zitao Liu, Mingxue Yang, Zaher Merhi, Sherman J Silber, Santiago Munné, Michalis Konstandinidis, Dagan Wells, Taosheng Huang January 31, 2017 Download PDF version of this chapter Introduction Mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are maternally inherited and can cause fatal or debilitating mitochondrial disorders. The […]

Twin Sisters Try To Get Pregnant With Ovaries They Froze In 2009

Rob Stein E-mail address: (Sherman Silber). NPR, Morning Edition, July 19, 2016 Download the PDF Version of this Article Dr. Sherman Silber, a renowned pioneer in microsurgery and infertility, is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on IVF, sperm retrieval, ICSI, vasectomy reversal, male infertility, Y chromosome, tubal ligation reversal, egg and embryo […]

Ovary Freezing Offers a Drug-Free Way to Tame Menopause

By Clare Wilson, New Scientist Download PDF version of Clare Wilson’s Article Introduction Freezing an ovary and then having thin slices of it periodically put back in looks set to offer women a way to delay or reverse menopause. It could be as revolutionary as the pill. Freezing an ovary and having thin slices of […]

Women’s Health Article – How Ovarian Transplantation Works

How ovarian transplantation works and how resting follicle recruitment occurs: A Review of Results Reported From One Center By SHERMAN SILBER Women’s Health Download PDF version of Dr. Silber’s Article in Women’s Health Magazine Summary Ovarian freezing and transplantation has garnered increasing interest as a potential way of preserving fertility in cancer patients.  This special report […]

Chapter by Dr. Silber in Medical Textbook: Biology of the Oocyte

Transplantation of ovarian tissue or immature oocytes to preserve and restore fertility in humans By SHERMAN SILBER Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte: Role in Fertility, Medicine and Nuclear Reprograming, Natalie Barbey and David Silber, June 24, 2013 Download PDF version of this chapter   Introduction It is now possible to preserve and restore fertility, using […]

Chapter by Dr. Silber in Textbook: Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction

Ovarian tissue vitrification—Clinical realities and outcomes By SHERMAN SILBER Vitrification in Assisted Reproduction, Second Edition Edited by Michael J. Tucker, PhD, FIboil, HCLD(AAB) & Juergen Liebermann, PhD, HCLD(AAB) Download PDF version of Dr. Silber’s Chapter Download PDF version of the Foreword Download PDF version of the Title Page PrefaceThe developed world is in the midst of […]

Chapter on Human Ovarian Tissue Vitrification

Human Ovarian Tissue Vitrification By SHERMAN SILBER Cryopreservation of Mammalian Gametes and Embryos: Methods and Protocols, Ashok Agarwal, Zsolt Peter Nagy and Alex Varghese June 24, 2013 Download PDF version of this chapter Summary Ovarian freezing and transplantation has garnered increasing interest as a potential way of preserving fertility in cancer patients as well as […]

Reproductive Biology

“REPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGY” THE SCIENTIST; Volume 10, No. 22 November 11, 1996 S.J. Silber, Z.P. Nagy, J. Liu, H. Godoy, R Devroey, A.C. Van Steirteghem, “Conventional in vitro fertilization versus intracytoplasmic sperm injection for patients requiring microsurgical sperm injection,” Human Reproduction, 9:1705-9,1994. (Cited in more than 50 papers as of October 1996) Comments by Sherman J. […]

Dr. Silber Shares His Microsurgery Techniques with a Russian Colleague

From U.S. to Russia and Back Again Dr. Sherman Silber and Victor Krylov share microsurgery techniques mixed with friendship For Dr. Victor Krylov and Dr. Sherman Silber, East met West in a magazine article in 1984. Dr. Krylov, chief of microsurgery at the Central Institute for Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow, wrote the first article […]

Risk Seen of Passing Male Infertility Along in Reproductive Bid

The Boston Globe, July 1, 1999By Karen Hsu, Globe Correspondent Troy and Brandy Ciccarelli’s story of how they managed to have a baby is becoming commonplace as the medical community makes strides in treating infertility. After Troy, 34, was told by doctors that he had a low sperm count, the couple consented to an increasingly […]

How You Can “Beat the Clock” With Infertility Programs

“Infertility programs help women ‘beat the clock” St. Louis Business Journal, February 27 – March 4, 2004 by Susan Kerth At the Infertility Center of St. Louis at St. Luke’s Hospital, Dr. Sherman Silber and his partners are developing procedures that might have been considered science fiction only a few years ago. “St. Louis may […]

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